Commercial Garbage Service

Bend Garbage & Recycling offers a level of service for both small and large businesses.  We will provide timely pickup within our service area and the right container to fit your needs.

Container Service

For Large commercial businesses we have lidded, metal containers in sizes from one to six cubic yards.

We can provide daily or weekly service to meet your specific needs.

Our drivers will leave your container area as clean as possible after each service.  Containers cannot be overfilled and need to be accessible for service by 4:00am on your scheduled collection day.

Please keep access to containers and enclosures clear of snow and ice.  Where truck access is required, a 12’ wide path is needed.  Enclosure gates must be open to allow access to container.  If we are unable to access safely, container may not be serviced.

Roll Cart Service

For smaller commercial businesses we provide lidded roll carts on wheels in 35, 65 and 95-gallon sizes, specially designed for easy use and efficient service by our automated collection trucks.


If you have extra trash, please bag and leave next to your container and your account will charge accordingly.

If you have larger items that you need removed and cannot fit in your container, we also offer a junk cleanup service.

Service Review

Recognizing that the amount and type of material a business discards changes over time, we would be happy to visit your site and conduct a waste audit to determine the proper level of service that best addresses your needs. This is a free service that we provide to our commercial customers.

Please contact our customer service department for rates.

Items to Avoid

  • Hazardous waste or paint
  • Asbestos
  • Dirt, rock, concrete
  • Large appliances
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Medical waste
  • Automotive batteries and tires
  • Electronic waste

Please check our Commercial Container Agreement

Bend Garbage and Recycling Service Area: Generally north of Newport, Greenwood and Highway 20 E, including Saddleback, Tumalo, Whispering Pines, Boonesborough, Cimmaron City and Alfalfa.




1 Yard – 2’4″ x 6’10” x 2′


1.5 Yard – 2’9″ x 6’10” x 2’11”


2 Yard – 2’9″ x 6’10” x 4′


3 Yard – 3’8″ x 6’10” x 4’4″


4 Yard – 4’5″ x 6’10” x 4’11”


6 Yard – 5’9″ x 6’10” x 5’11”