Residential Recycling Collection

Bend Garbage & Recycling is committed to waste prevention and recycling in Deschutes County. We offer residential recycling for customers in our city and county service areas.

We offer a 95-gallon blue roll cart for commingle recycling. All acceptable recyclables can go in the blue recycling cart, no sorting necessary. Download the Recycling Preparation Guide for a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items, or contact our office if you’d like one mailed to you.

Glass is collected in a separate bin and is only available within the city limits.

Motor Oil can be collected curbside (within city limits). Place motor oil in a sealed container (such as a milk jug), clearly label the container and place by your glass bin on your recycling day.

All recycling is picked up every-other-week.


To achieve a successful recycling program it is important to only include materials that are accepted in your local recycling program.

Materials that are non-recyclable or may have a recycling symbol but are not accepted in our local recycling program, need to go either as trash or handled a different way or reused, (example plastic grocery bags and other plastic film accepted at participating grocery stores).

Plastic bags of any kind are not accepted in the recycling cart (garbage bags, kitchen bags, zip lock bags, saran wrap, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, etc.). Always use a paper bag to place your shredded paper in before putting in the recycling cart.

Where does my recycling go? 

The recycling material is collected curbside with an automated truck, baled and shipped to a MRF (Material Recovery Facility). At the MRF, the materials are placed on a conveyor where workers and machinery sort the different materials. The sorted material such as, paper, plastic, cardboard, metals, etc., goes to separate markets that will then recycle the material.  For example paper is shipped to a mill and the fibers are recycled into paper, metals go to a processing facility and are recycled into new metals.

Materials that are not part of the recycling program will be sorted out at the MRF and disposed of as trash or may contaminate materials sent to specific markets. These contaminants are costly to transport and sort and negatively impact the program.

The weight limits on our carts are as follows:

95-gallon roll cart 200 lbs

For additional questions about recycling in your area, please refer to the Recycling Preparation Guide or call us at 541.382.2263.

Bend Garbage and Recycling Service Area: Generally north of Newport, Greenwood and Highway 20 E, including Saddleback, Tumalo, Whispering Pines, Boonesborough, Cimmaron City and Alfalfa.