We all want to try and recycle as much as we can and that can sometimes lead to ‘wishful recycling’, which is putting an item into a recycling container that doesn’t belong in your local program, wishing it will be recycled. Any item that is dirty or not on the list of materials accepted for recycling leads to contamination.

You’ve probably heard of China’s impacts on US recycling markets through their more stringent recycled material standards. China is cracking down on the quality of materials they receive.

Here in Central Oregon, the commingled recyclables collected curbside are baled and sent to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), where they are sorted using machinery and people. The MRF’s are slowing down their lines to try and do a better job of removing contaminants (plastic bags, plastic film, clamshells, garbage, etc.).

It is so important to keep the recycling as clean as possible. A good mantra to follow is, ‘when in doubt, find out.’

For now, nothing has changed with your local recycling program. Residents are encouraged to continue recycling, but only put items in your carts that are accepted in your recycling program. Remember plastic bags and plastic film of any kind do not go in the recycling cart.  You can take the plastic bags and plastic film to participating grocery stores for recycling.

Contact your local garbage and recycling provider for a recycling guide or to find out about a specific item.  Recycling guides are also available at bendgarbage.com.

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